Coaching Club 2022

Launches November 2022


This is the 9th Club which will meet monthly for 2 x 1 hour sessions from 13th November 2022 -  2nd April 2023.

Sundays at 5pm GMT. 
(Why Sunday? - it's the only day most people are free)

What is the Coaching Club?

Coaching Club Details

The Coaching Club will be on the 2nd and 4th Sunday Evenings 17.00 GMT - 18.00 GMT
Over 10 sessions we will work on;
  • The Sales Matrix
  • Outbound Prospecting calls
  • Inbound Leads
  • Selling Proposals and Quotes
  • Control and Close
  • Questioning Strategies
  • Psychology of Questions
  • Presenting without presenting
  • Personality Profiling and Questioning
  • The Art of Nurturing
  • Acting your Way through
  • Mindset, Beliefs and Attitudes
  • Black Swans
Due to the level of commitment required, both financially and timewise, this Club is only for those who have attended a Bootcamp (or purchased a recording) because they appreciate and understand what they are committing too.
Maximum 12 people per club.
Basic investment is;
£999 per month (+VAT if UK based)
Premium investment;
 includes all above + a monthly 60 minute 1-2-1 
 £1,400 per month (+VAT if UK based) 

Committed Pro
includes all above + a  2nd monthly 60 minute 1-2-1 and access to all Bootcamps
 £1,700 per month (+VAT if UK based) 
OR A ONE OFF Payment of (+VAT if UK based);
£4,000 – Basic
£6,000 - Premium
£7,500 - Committed Pro

If you can Commit the Finances and the Time BUT are unsure if this is right for you, then Book a Consult Call.

Coaching Club Testimonials

"I’d never had any formal sales training beforthe Coaching Club. My sales figures were quite good before I met Benjamin but having seen him on a podcast I thought this guy might be able to improve my top line.
And help me he did. I increased sales by 66% after Benjamin’s training!
He made me realise that quoting and hoping, vomiting on clients and chasing prospects is no good. My mindset on sales changed completely after my first session with Benjamin. I now know what I’m doing. I know how to deal with inbound leads. I know what to do if a prospect ghosts me.
I 100% recommend Benjamin to any salesman looking to increase sales.
Benjamin could have charged me 10x the price of his services and it would still have made financial sense for me to do it."
"What’s changed since working with Benjamin and the Coaching Club? Everything. 
Beliefs, mindset, following a process, I now practice. I'm prepared, I have good conversations with prospects now, I listen and I ask better questions.
I also quit my job. I wanted complete control so I setup my own business. I now freelance for companies who need someone to pick up the phone and prospect for them. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Benjamin’s help." 
"Our team joined one of Benjamin’s coaching clubs in an effort to increase the quality of every sales interaction we had, feel more in control and basically work smarter. 

It became evident that Benjamin’s methods not only deliver skills which can be applied immediately but also change the way you approach every conversation. 

Since doing the course we’ve noticed our team have massively reduced the amount of calls they need to make to get into a well qualified sales conversation. We also found our day to day work is more enjoyable as we have a system that allows prospective clients to be upfront and honest with us. 

Benjamin has had a direct impact on our ability to be more efficient, effective and happy in our day to day. In summary this selling system works!
"My self-esteem was in the toilet. Nightmare!

Then I discovered Benjamin Dennehy. He was one of the few sales trainers unafraid of filming himself cold calling in the real world and showing that YES, he could actually walk the walk and had a set of skills worth learning.  

I reached out and joined his Coaching Club the night before it was due to kick off. It was incredible. Every session we learned how sales really operates. (Think you understand sales now? His insights will blow your previous learning out of the water.)  

We learned…  
  • How to structure the sales conversation and take charge
  • How to ask incredibly well-honed questions H
  • ow to work with prospects personality types
  • How to disqualify non-buyers early on
  • How to get clients to handle their own objections
  • How to make the clients close themselves for premium prices
  • And loads of other stuff. 
It was life-changing.  I took what he taught and put it into practice. I followed his cold calling formula and managed to get my foot in the door at a large corporate business network. (Kerching!)  

The results?  

I’ve made a lot more money and, best of all, It’s not luck… it’s a repeatable formula. I no longer feel like my income is in ‘the lap of the Gods,’ I know I can pick up a phone, open conversations and close business whenever I choose.  

In short, if you’re wondering whether to join Benjamin’s Coaching Club I’d say…   “No, run away as fast as you can! I don’t want anyone else learning this stuff. It’s too dam powerful.”  

Seriously though, if you’re looking to upgrade your sales results and make more money there’s simply no other option.

This comes with my highest recommendation.  
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If you can Commit the Finances and the Time BUT are unsure if this is right for you, then Book a Consult Call.

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