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Is an engaging, entertaining trainer and speaker. Shaking up your thinking about your role and function in sales with humour, insight and psychology.

Benjamin is The UK's Most Hated Sales Trainer, but why? 

Marketing of course. He made it up. There is no international body that measures hostility towards sales trainers!

Having said that, he does make brutal observations that many in sales recognise and accept as true. Sometimes those truths hurt.

Take, why are most people in sales?
Answer - not by design but by default.

Very few people wanted to be in sales as a kid. They wanted to be astronauts, lawyers, doctors etc - so what happened?

They grew up, got a degree in Sports Psychology and realised that in the real world no-one would pay them for that knowledge. 

They needed a job.

Who's always hiring? That's right, Sales.

They're young, thin, look good in a suit, can string a sentence together and don't dribble in the interview. That's all you need to qualify as a sales professional.

So, the fact most people are doing a role that deep down they never wanted to do, explains why so many are mediocre to average at best.

That hurts, but it’s true.

This is why he’s hated!


Benjamin Isn't For Everyone


He's Upfront

Loaded with a blend of antipodean charm and brutal frankness. Benjamin’s sales training will transform your understanding and approach. Be warned - he’s expensive and he doesn’t entertain time-wasters.

He Will Push You

If you’re sensitive or squeamish about your sales process being dissected and its weaknesses exposed, go elsewhere. Be prepared to be pushed further from your comfort zone than you’ve ever been before

A No Hope Sales Process!

Most sales folk aren't addicted to making money, they are addicted to hope.

The most powerful drug in the world is Hopium, and sales folk crave it. Hope means you keep doing the same thing, over and over, knowing and hoping that occassionally it will pay off.

That's not a sales skill, that's a life sentence.

See Benjamin in Action

From Mike Winnet's 'Not Another D*ck Head With A Podcast' Podcast to Benjamin's live cold calls.
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