Do Your Telephone Sales People Phone Up, Throw Up And Hope?

Do Your Telephone Sales People Phone Up, Throw Up And Hope?

About 60-70% of sales people time is spent on non-productive behaviour. Chasing leads that are going nowhere. Not qualifying out early. Wasted follow up calls and general procrastination.

Sound familiar?

Hi is that Benjamin?

How are you today (high toned upward inflection)?

The reason I am calling is because you may or may not be aware of recent changes in legislation concerning PPI?

Have you ever had PPI?

Have you ever had a credit card?

In that case did you realise that blah dee blah dee blah........

Sound familiar?

All too familiar, and it isn't just PPI. It's every damned product on the market. Let's face it, most telemarketers are shite!

It's not their fault. They are rarely invested in properly. Sales training consists of “product knowledge” a few trite answers on how to handle objections and a script that they have permission to be flexible with, but best they follow the structure. Give them a phone, a CRM system and they are now a sales executive. Yeah, right!

They are encouraged to be all smiles and sunshine.

It's enough to make you puke!

In fact, there is puking on the phone, the sales person's. All they do is throw up all over you about their product or service.

Their attempts at bonding and rapport are nauseating. Their questions are predictable and mundane. They are easily flustered, rarely do they push back or challenge a prospect (but when they do it's usually out of frustration and they sound angry and thus lose you).

Call Centres across the UK have done for selling's reputation what The Apprentice TV show did for professionalism – completely destroyed it!

I can't tell you how many call centres I have had call me selling all types of things that could actually benefit me but because the people they have are not properly trained or invested in they are simply terrible.

Let's be blunt, most calls centres care not about what they sell, they only care if they sell it. Fact.

They are not professionals whose job is to identify and qualify, its to bombard and push.

No wonder we hate them.

I don't blame call centre people. I blame those that manage them and give them jobs. They are legal boiler rooms. They employ people who deep down, don't want to be in sales. They don't see sales as a profession. They don't see it as a career. And they certainly hope to whatever deity they believe in that they will not be doing this in 5 years.

Why would anyone invest in people who secretly long to be elsewhere?

Would you invest thousands of pounds in becoming professional at golfing if you had no desire to ever be a professional golfer and secretly you preferred basketball instead? No.

This is a call centre. Graduates, College graduates, High School drop outs, anybody who needs a job, can speak english effectively, doesn't dribble in the interview, and you're in.

Again, I am not having a go at people who work in call centres. I'm having a go at those that employ people who deep down are not suited to be there. In the long run nobody wins. The customer gets a crappy call, the company gets an unmotivated sales person, the sales person become despondent and unhappy. They either have high churn or no churn. Both are bad. High churn says a lot about the environment and the skills used to recruit. No churn often indicates a management that's given up caring.

My Top Ten Tips

  1. Stop sounding happy and chirpy when I answer
  2. Never ask me a fake sincerity question about how I am doing today, you don't actually care and I know it
  3. Don't be matey and familiar or make comments about your personal preferences – I don't care
  4. I don't care about you or your life, so don't feel sharing will make me like you
  5. Talk about my world, my frustrations, my problems – not your solutions which you haven't identified I need because you've never addressed my world
  6. Don't give me crap about how many people you've helped and how great you are – I don't believe you
  7. Listen to me. The number of times I give you clear signals I am not right for you, that are ignored, is ludicrous
  8. Don't be in a rush to email or post me something. I only say yes to get rid of you
  9. Don't empathise with me, I know you don't care.
  10. Don't call yourself an advisor and then spend the whole call trying to sell to me something or send me something

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