Corporate Sales Training
For Ambitious Companies

Growing a business is tough but changing sales behaviour and beliefs is even harder!

You’re an MD or a CEO and you’re thinking to yourself;
"We do okay, but we could do better."

But what does better mean?

For most it’s selling more, making more money.

Noble aspiration.

So ask yourself this, why aren’t we doing that now?

If you find yourself attracted to saying it’s because of Brexit, the economy, competitors, Covid or some other identifiable excuse, you don’t need training and you probably can’t do better. If the excuses are valid, then your team is doing the absolute best it can.

But if you’re of the school of thinking that says most sales problems aren’t external, they’re internal, then maybe I am for you.

Selling more and for more profit is the outcome of your sales folk doing something right. Ergo, selling less for less is the result of them doing something wrong.

So, what is it that your sales folk are doing that is PREVENTING them from selling more?

Conversely, what is that they ARE doing that if the stopped doing, they’d sell more?

That’s where I come in.

Changing behaviour and beliefs is what professional sales training is all about.

Last question, do you believe you have a sales team, or do you have a team of well-paid order takers?

During Covid, when you furloughed sales folk, did revenue take a big dip, or did you appreciate how little the sales team were needed?

There's nothing wrong thinking this. Not acting on it would be wrong.

I may be right for you, or I may not. Let's see if we can and should work together. Fair?


A Note From Benjamin

The UK's Most Hated Sales Trainer
As the UK's Most Hated Sales Trainer I consider myself the nuclear option.

My advice is to only book a call with me if you've tried, considered or ruled out the following very easy, and relatively inexpensive ways, of increasing sales; 

- Firing your weakest performers
- Hiring better salesmen
- Outsourcing your lead generation
- Increasing your prices
- Investing heavily in marketing
- Doing nothing, you got this far without help
- Blaming everything else except your salesfolk's abilities
- Hoping things will change
I'm typically invited in by MDs and CEOs, both within the UK and globally. They have successful and ambitious companies. They believe they have great sales people. However they have, perhaps reluctantly, identified that sales is a bottle neck for growth.

They can be feeling frustrated at this and are willing to ask the question; Are my sales people really doing the best they can?

I'll be direct, I am not for everyone. Elevating great sales people to A players with sales training is a process, not an event.The reason people say No to me is because they don't want or believe they can control the sales process. They fear change and fear stepping outside their comfort zone.

If you genuinely have frustration about the wasted time and resources spent on proposals, pitches and quotes that go nowhere, maybe I can help. If you are anxious for your sales people to be selling more, for more, to better prospects, but aren't, perhaps I can help. Maybe you're annoyed knowing that your people have the potential to excel, to grow personally and in the process grow your bottom line.

I am challenging. I am brutal in my assessments. I am not hired for hugs and cuddles. I'm not looking for friends. I'm looking to make you money by giving you control by doing less, but better, on purpose for more. That's it!

If you want a very brief, but direct, conversation about whether you really control the sales process and maximise time productively, then book a consult call and we can deternine of I am right for you.


"This isn't something you hear an accountant say often but - "Benjamin could have charged me 10 times the price of his services and it would still have made financial sense for me to do it."
"We have recently worked with Benjamin on prospecting and questioning techniques, we have a fairly large sales team and Benjamin was awesome from start to finish , his style and approach are real world and not theory which is exactly what I was looking for and the approach he teaches is refreshing fun and effective …. highly recommended."
"Benjamin is a charismatic, incredibly perceptive sales trainer and someone whom I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this year. We engaged with Benjamin to evolve our sales approach and refine our overall selling structure.

After an initial conversation and meeting, we agreed to work together over a 6 months period. In retrospect, this was a good amount of time given the depth of the training and well worth every penny.

His sharp wit and attention to detail have focused the sales team and our organisation as a whole. Delivering complex content but in a digestible way, Benjamin made it easy for the team to understand and excel. Great guy, terrible dress sense but a truly excellent trainer. Couldn't recommend him highly enough."
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If you want a very brief, but direct, conversation about whether you really control the sales process and maximise time productively

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