"How to Run a Sales Meeting" Bootcamp
(15 spaces)

"If you don't have a structure to a meeting that sets out what is and what isn't an acceptable outcome, you'll always be dominated in the sales process." 

In this Bootcamp you'll learn the 3 steps to consistent sales outcomes.


1st & 2nd February 2023
4.30pm GMT - 8.30pm GMT
(both days)


Online Live ZOOM


£1,899 (+VAT if in UK)

Benjamin D
Benjamin D
The UKs Most Hated Sales Trainer. Teaching Sales Professionals to Do Less. But Better. On Purpose. For More.

Bootcamp Details

On this 8 hour bootcamp you will learn 3  steps to consistently get the right outcome in any sales meeting.

There are always 3 outcomes to any sales meeting, all of which are legitimate;

1) A yes to moving forward

2) A disqualified prospect

3) A sale

What will the 8 hours cover:

1. Pre- Sales skills

~ The art of making comfortable

~ Understanding how and why you communicate the way you do

~ The Sales Matrix

~ Parental scripting

~ Why you need a structure to follow

~ Manipulation skills



~ Learn how to close before you start

~ How to define and set up your next move

~ Sell proposals and quotes here

~ 3 Reasons Why we CAN'T work together



~ Just because you meet someone it doesn't mean they will convince you that they should be your next customer

~ Emotional Grinder

~ Questioning strategies;

~ Sales Meeting or Taking an Order?

- Challenge the future

- Fight for Status Quo

- Alternatives

- Socratic questions

-Technical Questons

- Reverse Psychology and Questions


Please note: that 8 hours WILL NOT make you proficient at this. It will take a lot of practice and failure to master all 3 steps. If you're looking for a quick fix, you're in the wrong place.

There is no shortcut to being a professional, in any profession.

Sales is no EXCEPTION.

Watch Benjamin in Action

Feedback from
Previous Bootcampers

"Benjamin's training are totally different from the standard spiel out there. He explained both the psychology behind buying/selling but also how easy it can be to predict & prepare for sales calls.

The entire Bootcamp was well worth the time and money invested and I would recommend to anyone.

Benjamin as always presents with his same vigour and energy that you would expect.

Looking forward to our next session and looking forward to seeing the results of Ben's training.

"Say that again?"
"I've now had the privilege of taking all three of Benjamin's boot camps. The experience is similar to Morpheus offering you a Red Pill and breaking free from the Matrix.

If you've ever been nervous dialling out to high level leaders, frustrated because when you do call them you can't get 30 seconds of their time, or struggled to build rapport quickly on the phone, maybe its time to consider a change. If you want the tools to communicate effectively, look no further.

The ideas and methods taught have already transcended the sale and spilled into areas of my life which were perhaps even more important. What Benjamin teaches takes work. If that doesn't scare you I would recommend with 100% confidence taking all three boot camps."
Both the "How to run a sales meeting" and "Prospecting" Boot-camps provide excess value, invest in yourself and get the kickstart you need - or get help to re-assess what it means to be a profesional salesman. I watched a lot of materials online, very few sales-trainers actually provide live in action sales calls to learn from, Benjamin does. You can clearly see that what he does works for him, you can (as i did) try to emulate it and incorporate it into your own world - but if you really want to understand whats going on in the background, you should realy take the prospecting boot camp!

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